4 important things to know about the product marketing manager

Today, a product marketing manager plays a key role in a company. His or her goal is to ensure that a company, or brand, offers products, services or benefits that are in line with consumer demands and needs. The product manager embodies a product by coordinating the "4 P's" of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Here's what you need to know about a marketing product manager.

Job duties : marketing product manager

With an excellent knowledge of the market and the competition, the marketing product manager must also entice consumers and get them to choose one product over another. From creation to marketing, through promotion and customer satisfaction analysis, the marketing product manager is at the heart of the company's business. Rapha Cohen Join Waze, to learn more.

Qualifications for becoming a Marketing Product Manager

The marketing product manager coordinates and works with a large number of departments in the company. He or she must have excellent people skills, but also good communication skills. Because he follows the whole production of the product, but also its marketing. The marketing product manager must be a natural leader and a good negotiator. He must know how to convince, analyze, sell and make his ideas as well as his methods accepted.

Marketing product manager : career / possibility of evolution

It is very difficult to be recruited as a marketing product manager as soon as you graduate, even if the latter perfectly matches the recruiters' expectations. Selection is tough and marketing product managers often work as marketing assistants or assistant marketing product managers. Once the marketing product manager position is obtained, it is possible to evolve and become a marketing manager.

Becoming a marketing product manager : necessary training

To become a marketing product manager, several training courses are recommended. From high school onwards, you should go for an S, ES or STMG stream, even if this stream remains the least attractive to embark on long higher education. After the baccalauréat, it is possible to do a BTS, a DUT or a university license. After that, it is imperative to specialize.