All about the VoIP phone system

Day by day, the speed of internet systems is improving. Thus, the telephone system is one of the intentions of the moment that has everything necessary to seduce companies. But, before opting for IP telephony, it is necessary to know some information about it. Here is the essential to know about IP telephony or VoIP.

Knowing what IP telephony is

IP telephony is called a process that allows audio messages to be transmitted to other recipients via the internet. Very advantageous, VoIP Phone System allows companies to communicate between company members. With VoIP, all users can make an internet call, send emails or also chat.

Phone line and phone system: what is the difference?

The phone system or office line uses hardware that allows it to run the primary flow interface via an ISDN network. Very different from VoIP, IP telephony is a technology that allows calls to be transmitted via the internet. There is therefore a very big difference between the telephone system and the telephone line. VoIP is virtual and works through the Internet. The phone system does not work through the Internet. It requires desk phones to work.

Well, choosing an IP telephony or phone system

Although IP telephony or VoIP is very advantageous compared to the phone system, it is essential to consider a few factors before choosing. First of all, you need to consider the current configuration, the reliability of the internet and the remote team. Secondly, the cost and functionality should be taken into consideration. Lastly, don't forget to consider the sound quality and availability of both communication tools.

Some benefits of VoIP

The advantages that VoIP offers are incomparable. First, the overall cost is very low. Second, it is mobile and has the basic features. VoIP can use an array of channels and does not require long distance charges.