Auto racing: What are the major championships?

Auto racing: What are the major championships?
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  1. Rally championship
  2. Formula 1 Championship
  3. Endurance Championship
  4. Touring Car Championship

Today, several physical activities, specifically sports such as football, basketball and various other forms of sport, bring many people to the world for entertainment. Indeed, among these different sports, car racing also takes off. It is an exciting sport that attracts millions of fans around the world. These car races are divided into different championships. In this article, you will discover the different car championships that exist.

Rally championship

The Rally Championship is an exciting and unique automotive discipline that stands out for its diversity of terrain. To acquire enough more detailed information on auto racing, take the time to visit the sites that really address the subject. Drivers embark on a real adventure on varied roads, ranging from rugged dirt roads to winding mountain roads. In this competition, they face difficult conditions that test their agility, responsiveness and courage. 
Spectators who attend these competitions are captivated by the ability of the drivers to control their cars in extreme conditions. Rallying is a real driving feat where speed, precision and courage are put to the test at every turn and every obstacle. It's a thrilling experience for participants and auto sports enthusiasts, as each race is a new adventure where competition and passion come together.

Formula 1 Championship

The Formula 1 Championship is an auto racing championship enjoyed by many people around the world. This championship has been organized since 1950 by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Indeed, this competition features only the fastest cars and the most talented drivers on the planet. Since the creation of the first edition of this championship, each year, the FIA always organizes a new edition. 
Formula 1 is all about pitting teams against each other in thrilling races on renowned international circuits. The cars in of this Formula 1 race are equipped with powerful engines and sophisticated aerodynamic systems. This allows riders to reach dizzying speeds on the straights and negotiate turns with exceptional agility. For racing fans, Formula 1 offers them an incomparable experience, combining the excitement of spectacular overtaking.

Endurance Championship

The Endurance Championship, also called WEC (World Endurance Championship), is a championship different from simple auto racing. This is a true endurance test for riders and machines. Among the most emblematic events of this championship are the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. During this endurance championship, the different teams in the game compete on various circuits, ranging from classic tracks to off-road races. 
This confrontation thus puts the skills of the pilots under various and demanding conditions. Very often, the auto used in this championship are hybrid models, which combine power and efficiency. During the endurance championship, teams are forced to travel long distances. Likewise, they must maximize their energy efficiency in order to be able to remain competitive throughout the race.

Touring Car Championship

The WTCC (World Touring Car Championship) is a championship that defines internationally touring auto racing. This championship was created in 1987 and is managed by the FIA. It is made up of several stages that take place on different circuits around the world. The WTCC races also attract renowned professional drivers and top authoring teams. 
The touring auto entered in this championship are subject to strict regulations that aim to balance performance between the different brands. Moreover, these races are held on different types of circuits, which vary from temporary street circuits to permanent tracks. These urban circuits offer a unique spectacle, with touring cars traveling at high speed through the narrow streets and between walls.

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