How to find your lost pet near your home?

You have a cat or dog at home that has been lost for a long time. What should you do at this time? It is urgent to do everything possible to find your pet as soon as possible. The sooner it is found, the healthier it will be. Discover in this guide the tips to follow to find your lost pet.

Declaring the loss of your pet to the I-cad

As soon as you notice that your pet is missing, declare it lost immediately. This is the only way to find your pet easily. By visiting these websites, you will see that there are key ways to do this. You can report the loss to certain public agencies or companies. This is the case with I-cad. The declaration can be made physically or by e-mail, while other forms are being used. You are allowed to use this form if and only if your animal is identified. If not, you must report the loss on other private websites. These allow you to announce to the surrounding population that your dog or cat is missing. You will have a better chance of finding your dog or cat if you have first microchipped it. The I-cad will help you to find your pet easily if it is tattooed or has badges that allow it to be identified among many others. You should therefore have your pets identified as soon as possible to avoid similar problems. When reporting the loss of your pet, all you have to do is present the identification number of your pet. In addition, there are some very simple techniques for searching for your pet. Start the search in the places where you usually walk with your pet.

Nearby reporting of loss and personal search

If you lose your pet, the first instinct is to go looking for it immediately. During this search, you may come across your pet who was probably just out for a walk. This may not be so easy. You should inform your relatives and neighbours. They can also help you in the search. With small posters in the area, you have a good chance of finding your pet.