How to protect and integrate your fire extinguishers in your space ?

Fire extinguishers are one of the essential accessories to install in your living space and professional space. Aside from the fact that legislation in many countries requires their possession, fire extinguishers help ensure everyone's safety and survival during fires. It is therefore important to adequately guarantee their protection and integration into your environment. Read this article for some practical tips on how to do this.

Some options to ensure the integration and protection of your fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers play an important role in your living space and in your work space. Indeed, they help prevent the risk of fire or limit the damage it can cause. This is why their protection and integration are of paramount importance. 

If you want to protect your fire extinguisher at home in your building or in your professional space, there are solutions that are perfectly adaptable to each situation. You can see this here to check about some of the solutions you can adopt for the occasion :

The fire extinguisher holder

The fire extinguisher holder allows you to secure and keep your fire extinguisher in a particular space. This prevents it from falling while making it more visible and identifiable. With the metal fire extinguisher holder, you can store a foam, powder or water fire extinguisher. 

Some sites selling these accessories, such as, offer very practical designated fire extinguisher supports. These make it easier to see from afar and make it easier to access your fire extinguishers. 

This is possible thanks to the addition of totem signage to the equipment. Note that this support will allow you to stabilize your fire extinguishers as well as protect them from all types of shocks. Some models offered can even be fixed as supports and become wall-mounted fire extinguisher supports.

The fire extinguisher cabinet

Another option to ensure the protection of your fire extinguishers from shocks and damage is the fire extinguisher protection cabinet. In addition to protecting and integrating your fire extinguishers, this type of cabinet makes them easier to transport. 

Note that these accessible protective cabinets can be used to store fire extinguishers weighing between 2 and 9 kg. Among the existing cabinet sizes for fire extinguishers, you will find cabinets designated in metal. 

In general, these formats have a very well thought out design that you can easily adapt to your premises. You will even find formats that can integrate 1 or 2 extinguishers depending on the circumstances.

The fire extinguisher cover

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to guarantee the protection of your fire extinguisher. This is possible with various fire extinguisher wall covers. Some sales sites offer a whole range of metal fire extinguisher covers to protect your equipment. 

Be aware that the models available do not meet the same requirements, nor do they offer the same advantages. Indeed, some models allow you to store fire extinguishers weighing between 2 kg and 6 kg. 

You will also find very well-designed models on the market that will perfectly match your interior decoration. All you have to do is define your requirements and expectations upfront and do your research by sticking to them.

Use a ground support for your fire extinguisher: why ?

With a fire extinguisher bracket, you can ensure a secure and temporary installation of your equipment. The advantage with this is that you can put your fire extinguisher directly on the floor or against the wall without having to make holes in the wall. 

This type of support has the advantage of being easy to move. In addition, you can easily fix it to the wall if you have children with you to prevent them from touching it out of curiosity.