Is it possible for Africa to get a vaccine against COVID-19 ?

Finding a cure for COVID-19 is an imperative for which governments around the world are trying various solutions. Since the beginning of 2021, the Europe and America have found a way out and has started the vaccination campaign of its populations. But at the same time, we have to wonder about the situation in Africa, which is mostly composed of very poor countries. Would it be possible for Africa to provide itself with an adequate vaccine to save its inhabitants?

An emergency exit at a high price

While Europe, Asia and America are struggling in laboratories to find a vaccine, in Africa, things seem very calm. No African country has found a vaccine but medicines to slow down the virus spread. External vaccines are highly expected. The first observation that must be made regarding the case of Africa is that the available vaccine is sold at a high price.

hat said, it must be recognized that this factor would be problematic for many countries because of their financial burden. Africa is known for its poverty. As a result, in order to solve the health crisis, financial funds for the purchase of vaccines appear to be a real hindrance in the process of resolving the health situation.

Playing on relationships to get a vaccine

In the race for vaccines, it must be recognized that the financial factor does not really benefit African populations, most of which are already heavily indebted. So, some countries prefer to play the card of bilateral relations established in the past, in order to find a vaccine.

ndeed, China and Russia are each proposing a vaccine, which seems to be quite effective. For African countries that maintain friendly and cooperative relations with these countries, this is an opportunity to be seized as part of their partnership.

Moreover, in this sense, we can already see Beijing taking the first step. China has affirmed its willingness to help  providing assistance and vaccine technologies to African peoples.

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