Some tips for disabling a home alarm without knowing the code

Houses equipped with alarms provide a certain security. But sometimes, due to a need to move or a bad triggering, you want to deactivate the house alarm. How can you turn off your house alarm? And how should you prepare to do it? Here is an article that will guide you in this decision.

The steps to take

There are many ways to turn off an alarm. To find out more, you can hop over to this web-site that will be able to show you these methods. Before disabling a home alarm, it is a good idea to prepare yourself beforehand. The first thing to do is to locate your alarm panel. This panel is often in a metal case and contains the control circuit and battery backup. You can find it anywhere in the house depending on where you choose to install it. Once you locate it, you must now turn off the AC power to the wall alarm panel. Before doing so, you must first disconnect the transformer from the device that connects it to the outlet. To be sure, check the touch screen or the keypad. Now you can deactivate your home alarm with complete peace of mind. Get a wrench to unscrew your main panel, if it is a metal box.

What to do next

The next step is the decisive one. It involves disconnecting a wire that is connected to the system's main battery. To do this, shake the connector. In most consoles, it is bundled and visible. You will have to pull and cut a wire to stop the power supply. If you can't reach the wire, you'll have to remove it. There is a guide that is usually offered at the time of purchase that will guide you in disassembling this box. Even though you disconnect the alarm, it is possible that it will work again. This is because the battery was well charged. To really put an end to it, you will only have to cut one of the wires that connects the terminal of the battery to the circuit.