Tips for fighting a DDos attack

In order to prevent your website from being attacked by a DDoS attack, it is important to find anti-DDoS protection in advance. So how do you fight a DDos attack? This article will give you tips on how to protect your website from a DDos attack.

Contacting your web host

A DDos attack, also known as a denial of service attack, is an attack that aims to disrupt and paralyse the entire functioning of a computer server while bombarding it with erroneous requests. Thus, it is necessary to find an anti ddos protection to fight against such an attack. On the one hand, you should immediately contact your host to quickly deal with the attack and limit the damage. Indeed, if your site really receives a denial of service attack, it becomes inaccessible and encounters functioning problems. The site also becomes dysfunctional for Internet users. This prevents any kind of transaction. To do this, you just need to contact your web host so that they can identify the faulty element, the sources of attack and the protocols used to finally block the IP addresses that are the sources determined to be the origin of the attack.

Calling in a cyber-malware professional

On the other hand, the DDoS attack is an attack that targets financial institutions; hosting structures; governments; e-commerce sites; etc. and is easily implemented by malicious people. Thus, to prevent this attack, these targets should perform frequent software updates; set up their firewalls properly and check if their hosting provider is well prepared to face such an attack. However, if the website is already under attack, the ideal solution is to call on a professional listed on CybermalveillanceGouv to put the affected information systems back into production and to ensure their security. To this end, the professional will help you recover the affected servers as well as the log files of your firewall. In sum, it should be remembered that these tips will help you fight against a DDos attack without significant damage.