Wearing a mask at all times : What consequences ?

Coronavirus pandemic has installed such a chaos' atmosphere throughout the World. We all have to deal with new issues, tough changes new habits. Wearing a mask has become mandatory since the advent of COVID-19. This crisis forces everyone in the world to comply with this rule. We were not used to wearing a mask every day. So, yes, that's new habit is irritating. As annoying as it can be, the practice has some side effects that one should keep in mind for their own sake.

A problem for people with respiratory pathology

It is undeniable that wearing a mask prevents us from contracting the virus that dictates the law. But it must be said that there are some people who are disadvantaged by this new constraint. Indeed, wearing a mask is a real problem for people with respiratory problems. These people will be forced to be more careful and to be more vigilant when they put on their mask. Because the mask for them can lead to a severe lack of clean air. This situation will become problematic for these individuals if they do not take adequate measures.

A bed made for the development of dermatological diseases

The coating of a mask for the period of the health crisis can cause allergy effects on the skin around the nose, mouth and all parts of the face confined by the mask. Indeed, after a duration of about 6 h, it is found that mask wearers develop some sensitivity to the mask. This infection is often due to the fact that the mask is pinched at the level of the mask wand.

A factor that would affect psychiatric patients

Seeing people wearing masks is far from ordinary, especially for people with psychiatric conditions. The frequent sight of people often wearing masks on their faces could cause psychotic attacks. This possibility is even greater for people with schizophrenia.