What are the main advantages of using a time lapse camera?

In the construction industry, professionals in the sector sometimes require permanent monitoring of the work with audiovisual technology. These objects are equipped with a high degree of precision capable of having a better view of the evolution of all the works on site. The assistance of technology was therefore the best tool for the experts on the building sites, but the evolution of time has made the use of cameras unavoidable. Among them is the Time Lapse model. In this article, we will explain the advantages of using this accessory.

What is the Time Lapse camera?

It is a more sophisticated camera with good video characteristics and very detailed recordings. Among the various models available on the market, the Time Lapse tikee3 is a reference for building experts. To understand the value of such equipment, you first need to know how it works.

The Time Lapse camera is designed to capture images at regular intervals. The images are then arranged to make a short video. This video is then shown to project managers to show how the site is progressing. Very often, the video montage has a minimum of 20 frames running in one second. The equipment therefore captures several photos to enable a video montage of more than 20 minutes. This is the ideal time for a good presentation of the site in order to make the right analyses.

The advantages of a time lapse camera in the construction sector

This sophisticated audiovisual accessory is linked to a computer program that can be accessed directly by all technical personnel on the construction project. All the images captured by the camera are sent to a secure database to prevent the loss of important information. In a chronological way, the software orders the images according to the time of capture and this for a month. This is one less task to perform, as the program spontaneously archives the photos received. A quick search on the cloud storage will immediately retrieve the files. A potential advantage that saves you the trouble of logistics.

In addition, the Time Lapse camera has an image transfer function that can be used on your smartphones and/or computer. With this feature, you can easily communicate information to crews working on remote parts of the site. This gives you a great overview of the construction site and allows you to better communicate with all work teams.

It is a system capable of good dispatching to control the whole area of the site. As soon as a problem is reported, the site manager will be able to quickly notify it so that safety measures can be taken. Note that the Time Lapse camera also ensures good planning of the remaining work.