What exactly do I need to do to easily install a chatbot on wordpess?

Managing your business and your customers is often a burden and a lot more tedious. In order to make these obligations less tedious, certain tasks are subdelegated to this tool, which is now becoming indispensable due to its efficiency. The chatbot tool, useful in many ways, specialises in the automation of responses and the personalisation of websites. So if you want to make your business attractive and efficiently managed, you need to install it. But how do you do it?

Subscribe to a chatbot tool for WordPress

This first step is the doorway to access the services of this tool. The first thing you need to do is sign up for a chatbot website. Although it is a simple process, installing a chatbot on WordPress requires concentration. And so, you need to choose a chatbot website that is easy to use and meets your expectations. Choosing the right sites will allow you to easily use your tool and enjoy the benefits it offers.

Have a well-defined chatbot template for your WordPress

The second step is to determine the chatbot template you want. More concretely it will consist, before opening your account, in answering a series of questions having to do with the choice of a WordPress chatbot template. After that, you will have to name your bot, customize your greeting and choose an avatar. Once this process is complete, you simply have to like or dislike your chatbot. If you don't like it, you can of course change what you don't like.

Be sure to customize your posts and add your chatbot code to your WordPress

. This last step is more than important subdivided into several parts. The first part will be to make changes to your chatbot messages by clicking on the Basic Message section" found on the left hand side of your screen, specifically in the Chatbot AI menu. Once you have customized your messages, you will need to add the chatbot to your WordPress site. To do this, you will integrate a piece of code in the footer.php file found in your WordPress site. To integrate it, you have two options: - click on "Publish Bot> Connect to website - manually install the integration code that appears by copying and pasting it into the footer.php file belonging to the website It is well after that, that a last task will be done. It will be to activate the WordPress dashboard plugin by pasting the API key that appears in the "Bot publishing options".