What is the estimated number of clients in web design agencies?

The digitalization of the world means that the need to create one's own website is becoming more and more frequent. It has become a way for companies and individuals to sell their product. It is a means of communication and marketing. Web design agencies are finding many clients requesting their services. What is the number of clients that these different agencies find then?

The clients who want standard web services

This type of service is the one that is most often requested in the internet world. These clients solicit agencies for three basic needs. We could mention the creation of the website, the project and website management and the design of an online shop. These are clients who only want to have a virtual presence on the Internet. In this case, they entrust all the work to the agencies. These are the standard services that are requested by this category of clients. You can read the article on the subject by visiting our site.

Clients who request digital strategy services

This category of clients is a bit special. They request services that have to do with web SEO, web auditing and social marketing. It should be noted that the services of the first category are added. The objectives of the clients in this category are the optimisation and referencing of their website, the audit of the website structure and the creation of an Internet community. The actions of this clientele are aimed at monetising their web presence.

Clients who want graphic design services

This category of client requires a specific type of service. They want to have assistance in their graphic design project. This will include helping them create a logo, graphic design, ergonomics, communication and marketing support and visuals. Their objective is to have a sustained presence on the web.